Gunneson Electric

Gunneson Electric has served residents, businesses and government agencies in the Triangle since 1988. We are professional, local, and reliable. With a wide range of expertise, we can meet your unique needs. 


The knowledge and experience of our team allows us to achieve excellence as we serve our customers. Because we know what we’re doing, we’re able to work efficiently and affordably. Our company values quality over low-cost options. We offer quality products and lasting solutions. While we aren’t the cheapest option and we don’t use the cheapest products, we are cost effective and price competitive. 


Our team deeply values honesty and integrity. We emphasize good communication, especially when it comes to what we deliver and the costs involved. Each of us strive to form professional relationships and promote the long term success of our customers.


When you choose Gunneson Electric, you can expect honest people, quality service, and lasting solutions.


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